FASOTEC was founded in 1983 by machining engineers who had technology in the field of 3D CAD/CAM/CAE. Thanks to IBM and Dassault Systems, we were able to grow by CATIA systems sales and delivering support services.

Today, our greatest asset is engineering service capability which contributes to better QCD performance from design to production stages. We are dedicated to the success of our client’s business utilizing our excellent performance of IT (PLM) skills and engineering insight. We are now aggressively expanding our service to oversea sites with our alliance partners.

Our experience in 3D printer business since 2003 adds another value to our business. Distinguished medical institutes manifested interest in our technology and currently support our patent Bio-texture model technology. Medical engineering service is expected to be new innovation, providing safer training methodology and systems in the new field of robot surgery.


Value Added Reseller


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