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3DCS for NX Webinar: 3DCS Mechanical Modeler and Degree of Freedom Counter

Learn more about NX CAD Tolerance AnalysisWhen: July 28th, Thursday

Where: Gotowebinar

What Time:11:00 am EST

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The second part of the 3DCS for NX series, this webinar focuses on the add-on module Mechanical Modeler and the Degree of Freedom (DoF) Counter.

Presented by Brenda Quinlan, DCS Senior Variation Analyst, this webinar will showcase how 3DCS Mechanical Modeler functions integrated in NX by showing a multi-linked model. In addition, Brenda Quinlan will showcase the DoF Counter to determine the number of Degrees of Freedom on an existing model and as part of building a new model.

3DCS Mechanical Modeler is an add-on module available for all versions of 3DCS. Mechanical Modeler brings kinematic moves and linked moves to 3DCS. This compounds the effects of moves on connected components, allowing the accurate modeling of linkages, connected parts and complex kinematic assemblies.

Key take aways:
1. How Mechanical Modeler works integrated in NX
2. Modeling connected linages
3. How to use and the benefits of the Degree of Freedom (DoF) Counter

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DCS Announces New Siemens NX Integration at SAE 2016 World Congress and Exhibition

Dimensional Control Systems is announcing its new version of 3DCS Variation Analyst, now fully integrated in Siemens NX CAD system at SAE World Congress 2016 April 12-14 at Cobo Center, Detroit, Michigan.

3DCS for NX - Now Fully Integrated!

Dimensional Control Systemes (DCS) is announcing the new version of 3DCS Variation Analyst, their flagship tolerance and variation analysis software, is now fully integrated in Siemens NX CAD system at SAE 2016 World Congress and Exhibition April 12th – 14th. Hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers, SAE, this event is taking place in the heart of Detroit, Michigan, at the newly renovated Cobo Center.

SAE 2016 World Congress and Exhibition brings together professionals from all levels of the automotive and aerospace industry from engineers, to management teams, to executives, in order to collaborate and discuss current challenges in the industry, as well as share insight into the latest advances in products and technology. 

3DCS Variation Analyst for NX (3DCS for NX) is fully integrated in Siemens NX. This allows users to work within a single environment, adding variation analysis and GD&T optimization to their modeling without having to export or import models or incorporate outside tools. This seamless workflow reduces the need for training, increases productivity and takes advantage of the NX investment as well as promoting consistency in GD&T and process.

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Call for Presentations: DCS 2017 Global Technology Conference

A DCS User Meeting for New and Experienced Users 

Date: May 23-25 2017

Location: TBA in Detroit, MI, USA

DCS is gearing up for the 2017 Global Technology Conference May 24th-25th, 2017 in Detroit, Michigan, to highlight how manufacturers are using and applying DCS quality solutions, including both 3DCS and QDM technology.  

We'd like you to be part of this event!
Interested in presenting a paper or presentation at the upcoming event? 
Submit a paper abstract today and become part of the conversation. Highlight both your own work and your company's achievements in dimensional engineering. 
Don't have an abstract complete, but interested in doing a presentation? Fill out the form, and we'll reach out to you to find out what you have in mind. 

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DCS 2015 February Newsletter

Call for Papers, Upcoming Webinars, New Videos and More!



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DCS 2015 July Newsletter


3DCS - LSA and Alias DisplayUpcoming Webinar: 3DCS Version Series! (check out the blog for more)

New DE Focus Article: Geometric Tolerancing
Blog Post: Reduce modeling time with Alias Display (as much as 10%!)


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DCS 2015 March Newsletter


3DCS - Variation Analysist ToolUpcoming Webinar: Quality Data 
Rapid Retrieval and Utilization for Decision Support in Manufacturing Processes 

New Blog Post! Tips and Tactics: Enhanced Scenes - Customize Your Assembly and Create Modeling Shortcuts

New DE Focus Article: Failed Assemblies in Variation Models
Don't Forget!
DCS Community is the new Gateway to support users and customers with a place to field questions and discuss with other 3DCS and QDM users, as well as view and download additional information and videos. 


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DCS Community Site is LIVE!


Visit the DCS Community Site to gain access to Webinars, Articles and to communicate with other users.




Read DCS's September Newsletter 

Some highlights from this month's newsletter...


NEW DCS Support Site!

  • DCS Fileshare 

  • DCS Community

  • DCS Helpdesk

DCS Fileshare is the new platform for downloading DCS software. With greater security and speed, DCS's customers around the globe will have an easier time updating their software. 

DCS Community is the new Gateway to support users and customers with a place to field questions and discuss with other 3DCS and QDM users, as well as view and download additional information and videos. 

DCS Helpdesk - COMING SOON! - will be the new portal for DCS customers to submit suggestions, questions and issues regarding DCS software. 


New DE Focus - Analyze Production

A continuation of the Dimensional Engineering series, this DE Focus delves further into incorporating Dimensional Analysis into your process. 


Upcoming Webinar: An Engineer's Guide to Data Automation 

Quality reports and actionable metrics in seconds? How can quality and metrology professionals get through the growing amount of data available to them to find the information they need to make decisions. 

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Excite 2014 USA

Join DCS and 3DXcite in Royal Oak, MI for an exciting display of visualization and simulation products. Create virtual prototypes and test manufacturing data and assembly processes before making a physical prototype or cutting tools.

Excite 2014 USA in Detroit

Visit 3DXcite, formerly RTT, to find out more




Read DCS's June Newsletter 


Register for the upcoming webinar: First Look at 7.3, the Exciting New Release from DCS Part 1

3DCS Version 7.3 Coming Soon!



Plus, see the latest Tips & Tactics on Catia's Publication feature to speed up your modeling!


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DCS Is Pleased to Be Presenting At the International Automotive Body Congress

Set in Troy MI at the MSU Management Education Center October 29th and 30th, DCS's Product Manager, Dave Johnson,

will be presenting on "advanced Compliant variation Analysis Incorporating Gravity and Thermal Deformation". This presentation will focus on the use of Compliant Modeler to analyze the effects of gravity and thermal on an assembly in addition to variation. That assembly can then be modeled and simulated through the entire assembly process, thereby testing the changes and issues that may arise from the effects of these forces in addition to manufacturing variation. 


To learn more about the International Automotive Body Congress, visit their site at: http://bodycongress.org/



SAE AeroTech and DCS September

Don Jasurda, vice president of sales at Dimensional Control Systems (DCS), will be presenting on “Dimensional Engineering for Determinant Assembly: Utilizing Dimensional Engineering Tools to Optimize Assembly Processes” at the SAE 2013 AeroTech Congress & Exhibition September 26 at 11:30 a.m. in Montreal, Canada.


The event will be held at the Palais des congress de Montreal from September 24 to 26. In addition to Jasurda’s speaking event, DCS will be exhibiting at booth 704 along with technology partner InspectionXpert presenting the new level of integration between InspectionXpert’s easy-to-use quality document authoring and QDM, DCS’s enterprise quality management system providing a complete solution to author and manage quality documents, such as First Article Inspection Reports, throughout the Product lifecycle management process. 


3D Simulation with CATIA and 3DCS


Read more on our Blog at: 



DCS is Exhibiting at the 2013 Quality Expo in Chicago! 

DCS Is Heading to the Quality Expo

Are you heading to Chicago for this co-located event?

Exhibiting alongside the Quality Expo is the MD&M Expo, for medical device manufacturers, as well as the Automation Technology Expo, and the Plastec Midwest Conference.

DCS will be at Booth 248 in the Quality Expo Section, so stop by and ask about DCS's QDM System, bringing your quality data to life, and delivering it into your hands.

Need tickets? Contact DCS for free Expo passes!

For more information, check out our blog post

We look forward to seeing you there!  





Dimensional Control Systems at ASQ 2013 World Conference on Quality and Improvement

Dimensional Control Systems, Inc. (DCS) is exhibiting at the ASQ 2013 World Conference on Quality and Improvement taking place May 6– 8, 2013 at the Indianapolis Convention Center. The conference offers solutions and help in navigating the ever changing world of quality and manufacturing. In addition, attendees will be able to participate in a forum of ideas and an international network of thought leaders, experts and peers interested in collaborating and sharing their experiences and expertise on quality achievement. 


DCS and InspectionXpert Deliver Extended Integration for First Article Inspection Reports

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 - Dimensional Control Systems, Inc. (DCS) and InspectionXpert Corporation are pleased to announce that the QDM Quality Management System will deliver extended data integration with InspectionXpert Corporation for streamlining the First Article Inspection Report authoring and management. This integration will allow FAIR’s, PPAP’s and other inspection documents authored in InspectionXpert to be managed along with production quality data in a single enterprise quality intelligence system. Click Here to Read More



Dimensional Control Systems at AeroDef® Manufacturing 2013

DCS to present closed loop quality solution for aerospace manufacturing 

TROY, Mich., March 12, 2013
 — Dimensional Control Systems, Inc. (DCS) will be attending SME’s AeroDef® Manufacturing 2013 Exposition and Technical Conference being held March 19 – 21, 2013 at the Long Beach (CA) Convention Center. This conference seeks to foster innovation and communication in Aerospace and Defense to help reduce costs, expedite production times and maintain manufacturing competitiveness in the global economy. 

See DCS' press release in Automation Alley for more information... 


HanAll Technology Attends 2013 Winter Conference held by Korean CAD/CAM Association

HanAll Technology, a partner of DCS,  attended the 2013 Winter Conference in support of Professor Hyun Chun, from Kaist University who presented a special session on Dimensional Engineering in the Shipbuilding Industry. 

This conference primarily focused on higher education in CAD/CAM Technology, with many professors and students in attendance from various universities. 

Some of the topics covered were:

    1.     Review on Tolerance Engineering.

    2.     Tolerance Optimization of Lower Arm by using Response Surface Model and Process Capability Index

    3.     Tolerance Analysis modeling of Compliant Assembly Considering Welding Distortion

    4.     Development of automatic re-design system based on shipbuilding CAD system

"In shipbuilding industries, Welding Distortion is a hotter issue than manufacturing tolerance itself. Welding distortion is 5 to 7 times bigger that manufacturing tolerances. With large assemblies, Shipbuilding is similar to Aerospace manufacturing. The Korean shipbuilding industry is moving forward to build high tech ships such as: Drill Ship, LNG ship, Nuclear Propulsion ship and so on. Therefore, a powerful tool for simulating Welding Distortion is needed in the Industry."

-Weon Kyung Sung, Manager at HanAll Technology




DCS to Attend SolidWorks World 2013!

Come see us at Kiosk 1144-C, and make sure to ask about the live Demo on Tuesday the 22nd of January, right at the SolidWorks World Kiosk. 

Read more at MCad Cafe, or on the PLM Marketplace





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