Consultation and Training

Tes-RnD is an expert in organizational consulting, vocational in-service training and integration of the GD&T discipline. Gili Omri is the training and course instructor. Mr. Omri is a development engineer and an expert in GD&T. Mr. Omri has earned ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineering) certification at its highest level, Senior GDTP Certificate Holder.

R&D and Engineering

TES-RnD development begins with an idea (originated by TES-RnD or the customer), which develops through a linear process of design surveys, analyses, production liaison, integration and finally to its actualization as prototype.

TES-Rnd’s design processes use simulations to perform Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of statics, dynamics, (material) fatigue and design optimization. We also provide FEA as a service to external customers.

TES-Rnd is highly experienced in the design and application of advanced materials, such as composite materials and magnesium.

TES-RnD development uses Siemens PLM Software Solutions, one of today’s most advanced CAD/CAM tools, which includes NX for design and drafting, NX Nastran structural FEA and Teamcenter for engineering information management.



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