The TECMES is a company of technology solutions and consulting, specializing in PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

We provide products and services covering the current engineering analysis, updating and implementation of technologies for the development, testing and manufacturing of its products, as well as the management of engineering documents, training of technical staff to integrate with other software and sectors of the company, customers and suppliers.

PLM integrated solutions to the company's processes            

Services and engineering solutions that provide:

  • Increase in quality throughout the development of its products
  • Better management of engineering information
  • launch time reduction of its products
  • Innovation with our complete and integrated collaborative solutions
  • More security in using and sharing information
  • technology maintaining the standards of major industries

Acting in the PLM market since 1994, allows the TECMES offer added value and methodology to its customers by supplying to leading companies in the country in the sectors Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Goods, Electrical and Electronic, among others.





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Av Jabaquara, 2958 -. 10th floor - Planalto Paulista
São Paulo - SP


+55 11 2197-1000