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In a day when product lifecycles are shrinking, and the demand for getting quality products to market quickly, there is little margin for error. Engineering decisions must be made quickly and efficiently to avoid delays in timing, avoiding quality setbacks, while managing your costs. 



Dimensional Control Systems offers two core software technologies designed to provide OEM’s and tier suppliers in any industry the toolset to predict, react and control product quality throughout the design and manufacturing process. Tolerance Analysis, also known as Variation Analysis, is the process of analyzing and predicting assembly variation based on component tolerances, piece part geometry, and locating schemes, in other words a “REAL Virtual Prototype.” Quality Data Reporting, offers instantaneous access to all of your quality inspection data, anytime, anywhere, and from any source through your web browser, such that you could make well informed engineering decisions in a timely and effective manner. 




Product Summaries:

3DCS Variation Analyst & 3DCS Mechanical Variation Analyst are world class 3D variation simulation analysis solutions for analyzing and predicting assembly build variation, identification of potential failure rates and contributors to the variation. 

3DCS Spec Study for Perceived Quality comprises two technologies, Advanced Visualization and “Spec Study Analysis” to give up front quick and easy perceived quality assessments of the design concepts ability to meet customer expectations. 

QDM - Quality Data Management is a 3-Dimensional graphical quality data management tool for reporting and analyzing measurement data from any device, facility and location worldwide! QDM provides users with the ability to access data from any standard PC from within your secure corporate intranet. QDM allows engineers and managers in quality, product and manufacturing to easily review real-time (up to the minute) quality reports from the plant floor, the boardroom or their desktop, with a click of the mouse.

The fast and efficient method for monitoring, reviewing and analyzing quality parameters offers manufacturing organizations the ability to make critical decisions rapidly and confidently.

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