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Quality Data Management Consulting


Understanding Your Quality Processes


Many companies collect enormous amounts of data without understanding how to use it to create actionable information. We can help you extrapolate, then mine data for the information your company needs at each level, from the shop floor to the top floor, to make important decisions about and uncover any issues with your processes.


Taking a hard look at your quality processes, we can design a customized system that allows you to use your data to create the dashboards and outputs your company needs at each level to perform quality intelligence.


Bringing a QDM system into operation involves three phases:




1. Determining 

  • Layout your current quality processes
  • Determine your data sources
  • Collect and map your quality data process

2. Developing

  • Understanding your quality metrics at different levels (shop-floor, management, corporate)
  • Meet with your user base to understand your current and future vision
  • Meet with your IT to understand the IT infrastructure capabilities

3. Designing


Visit the QDM System to learn about DCS's customizable SPC Quality System


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