Dimensional Engineering and Analysis

Dimensional Engineering and Analysis Services

Identification of Cost Saving Quality Improvements

Implementing and identifying improvements to give you a competitive edge.

We employ some of the brightest minds in the industry. Then we put them to work to identify, design and implement services that save you money—from Consulting and Engineering to Full-Scale Dimensional Control Procedure Implementation.

Our product teams work together to address and solve issues of assembly and manufacturing that frequently happen during the design stage to optimize designs, simplify costs and reduce your time-to-market.


Here are a few ways we can support your production objectives:


CAD Based Variation Simulation Modeling:

Using CAD based software (3DCS Suite), our team can help optimize your CAD designs to minimize dimensional variation. When used for defining and measuring your product’s functional tolerancing, and for coordinating measurement data, 3D tolerance analysis significantly reduces the rework required for engineering drawings, tools and gauges. In addition, the team can look through current models to determine dimensional concerns. 


Current Production Troubleshooting: 

Our team can identify specific contributions in production delays, either from the product or the process, then give a full report on the contributors to the problem, helping your team hone in on the issue. 


The DCS Inclusive Package: 

Assessing your company's capabilities and performance, DCS can make recommendations from simple procedural changes through custom curriculum development. Our consultants can help empower your teams to integrate and apply processes to improve your manufacturing efficiencies. 


On-site & Outsource Support:

Whether you require project support for a few days or several weeks, we can co-locate our highly qualified Dimensional Engineers, Modelers and GD&T Specialists to complete projects worldwide or from our US-based facilities to:

  • Establish, check or update your product’s geometric dimensioning and tolerancing attributes (GD&T);
  • Build variation models for predicting the effect of tolerances and assembly sequences on critical characteristics of your assemblies; or
  • Study the relationship of your assembly process and tolerances to eliminate unnecessary manufacturing costs for you. 


Project & Software Support:

As a DCS client, you’ll have direct access to the entire DCS management team. Our Support Staff offers technical assistance either by phone, fax, the web, or through on-site visitations whenever and wherever you need it. For technical questions, visit the Tech Support page here.


Engineering and Staffing Services:

DCS draws from a deep pool of experts in today’s technologies including Dimensional, Mechanical, Manufacturing, Quality, Product, Electrical, Robotic, and Controls Engineers to support your projects. For our full service accounts, we can also draw on other resources, such as Analysts, Computer Professionals, Program Managers and Administrative Support.

Our staffing team works side-by-side with yours to get an understanding of your culture, environment, and the technical skills your company needs, so each and every placement we make is the right fit for you.

We make a full commitment to all of our customers and staff to keep them satisfied well beyond the date of hire. 

Benefit from flexible staffing strategies:

  • Short or long term contracts
  • Contract to direct hire
  • Direct hire placements

Save money:

  • Directly managing your labor rates
  • Equalizing salaries
  • Reducing internal human resource costs

Reduce your liabilities:

  • Reduce your general liabilities
  • Reduce worker compensation claims
  • Solution to annual health and dental insurance program increases
  • Reduce unemployment rate fluctuations

Consider Dimensional Control Systems when working on your company’s staffing requirements.

For more information or to initiate a request for resources, please contact us at:
(248) 269-9777 or hr(at)3dcs.com


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